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Remote Control YD002
rf remote control
1. Frequency:315mhz/330mhz/433mhz/868mhz
2. Distance:50-100meter
3. Chip: fixed code/learning code/rolling code/copy code

1:The working current is less than or equal to 12mA

2.Frequency: 315M / 433.92Mhz / other           

3:Encoding IC: Rolling code, chip learning code, fixed code, copy code

4.The oscillation resistance: in accordance with the needs of guests

5:Transmit distance: 50-100meters(open area)

6:Amplitude modulation             

7:Scope of application: family, shopping malls anti-theft and control, automotive, motorcycle anti-theft and control, other industrial control

8:Size: 59.5 * 30.3 * 12MM

9:Voltage 12V ( 23A)

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