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Rf Receiver YD401H
Wireless Rf Receiver Controller Remote Control Switch
1.Working voltage: AC85V~250V
2.Frequency: 315mhz/433mhz/other
3.Receiving module:superheterodyne receiver module
4.Function: it can be used with fixed code and learning code remote
5.Working mode: inching/self-lock/interlock
6.Rf Sensitivity:≥-105dBm
1 Channel Wireless RF  Receiving controller Remote Switch

Technology Parameter


2.Operating Voltage: AC85V~250V

3.Standby Current: ≤7mA

4.Operating Frequency: 315, 433MHz

5.Operating Temp: -40°C~+80°C

6.RF Sensitivity: ≥-105dBm

7.Output Current: ≤30A

8. Receiver module: superheterodyne receiver

9. Working mode: Self-lock, Inter-lock, Inching

10.Function: It can be used with fixed code and learning code remote

11.Certification: CE&RoHs

12. OEM/ODM Service available

Product Description

Yedear Remote Control Switch is used to control the motor to achieve positive, reverse, or switch to pass, down conversion, and a variety of special control program requirements, 

There are four output modes (non-locking, self-locking, interlocking and self-locking Interlock coexist), micro-controller programming control. 

Typically used in multi-channel power doors, windows, lifting equipment, industrial control,the areas of security sector, and supporting the use of remote control could constitute a complete set of wireless intelligent remote control system, uses very extensive.

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