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Remote Duplicator YD012
Remote Control Duplciator
2.Material:Metal and ABS
3.Chip: Copy code chip

Remote Control Duplicator YD012

High Quality Wireless Garage Door Opener Remote Control


1. Metal and ABS remote control duplicator
2. Encoding type: copy code, use special chip,can copy other remote control face to face, can be used alone
3. High stability:Adopting imported SMT component SAW and super high frequency audion(6.5G)
4. Remote Control voltage:DC12V (23A)

5. Operating Current:<=12mA

6. Transmit Power>=10mW
7. Transmission speed:50-60KHz
8. Frequency:433.92MHZ
9. Frequency windage: ±0.2MHz
10. Transmission distance: 50-100meters (open space)
11. This item suitable for home use. The rolling codes can't be copied
12. Using Range(IC):2260,2262,HT6P20B,HT6P20D,HS1527,EV1527..etc all the fixed code and learning code remote control

Application Range

 home/ store anti-theft alarm
 electric cars
 Motorcycle alarms
 car alarms
 all kinds of doors/windows controllers
 other industrial control
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