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Transmit power in a wireless remote controller
In the process we use wireless remote control, sometimes a sensitivity of receiving signal is not very good reflect the slow phenomenon, when there is a wall blocking signal weakening quite powerful,wireless remote control device manufacturers. Here's this problem to provide you the solution!

1. extended emission antenna. Can replace the small antenna suitable, or inductance coil, in the original antenna with thin wire etc.. Specific to what degree, after testing it (personal practice is to the antenna contact open, and then use the enameled wire in the remote interior to the ring to contact two welded to the antenna).

2. the battery voltage controller is slightly higher (which directly change 12V for remote well, using 9V power supply on the line, but if the original is 12V, this method is not suitable for).

3. adjust the inside of a small fine-tuning capacitor (wireless remote control if any) change the transmit frequency remote control with the remote control receiving, in order to fit, to extend the distance control.

4. when the remote control to change the direction of the elongated antenna, antenna, to find the best angle for remote control.

The wall effect of this small remote not how outstanding. If the output power is to increase the wireless remote control of the remote controller, we should increase the high frequency amplification circuit, more complex, it is not recommended to use, but this is not just to be able to do, but if you want to increase the distance of the remote control without increasing the circuit, it can be several ways to follow the above, believe the above offer you this several small ideas can solve your problems!
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